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Universal Registration Document 2020

Universal Registration Document 2020

Coface publishes its 2020 Universal Registration Document and maintains its ambitions detailed in the Build to Lead Strategic plan.

75 years of experience and the finest territorial coverage have made Coface a reference in credit insurance and risk management.
Coface's experts, whose ambition is to become the most agile credit insurance partner in the industry, operate at the heart of the global economy, accompanying ~50,000 clients to develop successful, dynamic and growing businesses in 200 countries.





The 2020 launch of the new Build to Lead strategic plan was a decisive new step in Coface’s development and transformation. This 3-year roadmap (2020-2023) aims to unlock the company’s full potential. The ambition is to enhance Coface’s expertise and the solutions we offers our clients, and to lay the  foundations that will enable us to deliver profitable, resilient growth over the long term as we become an undisputed leader in our sector. The Build to Lead plan has two key priorities: 

  • reinforce the Group’s expertise on the credit insurance market by placing our clients and partners at the heart of our strategy;
  • develop select adjacent speciality businesses that both complement and offer synergies with our credit insurance activity, notably factoring, business information, Single Risk and bonding.

While we have not changed the objectives of our Build to Lead strategic plan, the economic and health crisis did lead us to review our priorities. Our loss experience is currently low. For the time being, government support measures have cushioned much of the impact of the crisis.



Download this publication : Universal Registration Document 2020 (5.16 MB)


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