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Our Credit Opinion and Business Reports are online credit vetting facilities. providing you with an easy to understand credit opinion together with concise usable data. The service offers an immediate evaluation of the risks associated with the non-payment of trade debt by providing you with a credit opinion based on Coface analysis, classified within 7 credit limit bands.


In the context of risk management, we rely on a powerful global business information gathering and analysis network, who feed our databases in real time. The information gathered and analyzed is reproduced in several forms: reports, a summary indicator of single and global risk levels and various risk-taking recommendation tools. With our credit risk assessment services, you can manage your business development efforts optimally.



A German automotive supplier purchases precision parts from a number of Italian SMEs for the new hybrid injection engines of a leading auto manufacturer. Any failure on the part of its suppliers would jeopardise this key contract for its business.


Coface provides the automotive supplier with summarised and straightforward information on each of its suppliers, prepared by Coface’s experts in the form of reports that are updated several times each year.


On the strength of this information, the automotive supplier decides to review its portfolio of three suppliers. It agrees to higher volumes with two of them and scales back its contract with the third. According to the Coface report, the latter’s equity capital would have made it difficult to implement the capital expenditure needed in this sector in order to move up to the next technological level.


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