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“Globalliance” is Coface’s flagship credit insurance policy.

  • Ensures quality of your buyers and the capability of monitoring information on them in real time ;
  • Indemnification of unpaid invoices;
  • Extensive information on your trading partners (prospects, suppliers, etc.) helps you make the best choice: Debtor Risk assessment, @rating credit opinion, in-depth report, etc.;
  • Professionally handled collection of your unpaid invoices around the world.

Global Alliance:  For companies operating in the B to B market, customer credit is a fact of life. So much so that Credit provided by suppliers represent double the amount lent by banks to their customers. Globalliance policy provided by Coface is the answer to helping companies manage their customer credit risk. Whatever its form domestic, export, global or specific. It is offered to companies of all sizes whether SME’s or multinationals. 


Scalable, since you can choose:
  • to cover your home country and/or exports;
  • To cover your domestic sales and/or exports;
  • to manage your policy locally or centrally;
  • to opt for ground-up cover or an excess of loss policy;
  • No interference in your decision process;
  • Customized options such as cover for your legal disputes, production period insurance, delivery and shipping guarantees, etc.


“Globalliance” is also adapted to multinational companies to insure their foreign sales, including those of the parent company and their subsidiaries. The advantages include economies of scale by combining global cover with customised local solutions.

Case Study

Case Study

A giant Energy and Commodities company is a Dubai based Global commodities trading house, specialized in Coal and Sand Trading with Large, Asian Based, manufacturing companies, such as Sugar, Paper, Steel, Power and Cement manufacturers.


While it has been in the market for over 20 years, with a focus on emerging markets ( India and China especially), they started their coal division in 2012 further to the acquisition of a coal mine in Indonesia, and expect trading volume to grow very fast, with new markets destinations like Thailand and Malaysia. In this context, they were looking for a business development solution to secure their growing export sales, executed on open terms as per market requirement. They were considering credit insurance for the first time. Coface made a point to be the most reactive and competitive in all compartments of the offer. Coface strong expertise in the region, the good preliminary coverage offer made by the local underwriting team, and our presence in Asia prompted the company to favor Coface.



Coface provides clients with Cofanet, a user‐friendly online trade receivables management tool.


It enables each client to identify its buyers, see the total confirmed coverage available, report payment delays and monitor the indemnification of unpaid invoices, all in just a few seconds.


Cofanet also offers Debtor risk assessments, export functions and detailed research.


Coface provides CofaNet users with CofaMove, a smartphone App for our clients to manage their customer and supplier portfolio.                                                                    

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CofaMove is a complementary solution to CofaNet.
It improves responsiveness in risk-taking and monitoring, as well as provides credit management guidance to sales forces in real time. 




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